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Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven features the largest selection of handmade Wiccan/Pagan Supplies. We are located in Pennsylvania and have been in business for thirty years. We are now pleased to let Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven's Customers know that our website is top-rated with excellence. Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven Products are hand made with love and blessings according to the phases of the moon. All of our products continue to be our best sellers.

We have lowered our shipping rates. Now you can get $3.95 shipping on orders up to $20.

We take pride in making sure that all of our products are of the finest quality!

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Private Wicca classes and tarot readings are now available in Allentown, PA. Email for more info.

Miscellaneous & Cute Valentines Day Comments

Did you know that this holiday actually has Pagan Roots? Did you know we are actually celebrating an ancient Pagan fertility rite? Lupercalia was an ancient pre-Roman festival that was celebrated from February 13 through February 15th. This festival was a time to purify the city and remove evil spirits to help the city be fertile for the coming spring. The celebration of Februa also known as Februatio, was a spring cleaning festival with earlier roots that was incorporated into the Lupercalia festival. You'll notice the name February came from this name. Februare is a latin word that means purification.
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