The ankh is a symbol of life and happiness. Wear the ankh like the egyptians did to ensure everlasting life.

Ankh Pendant
Ankh Pendant
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This Ankh pendant is made of sterling silver and measures 1 1/2"L x 3/4" W. The Ancient Egyptian Symbol of Everlasting Life. Comes with black silk cord.


Egyptian Prosperity Magic
Work with Horus, Isis, Thoth, Amun, and other gods and goddesses from the Egyptian pantheon to help you catch a prospective employer's attention, design the perfect budget, control debt, and much more. You'll also create over twenty magical oils to bring greater success to your spellwork, job interviews, and resumes.

This is a 274 page softcover book.
Egyptian Prosperity Magic egprma
Ankh Charm
This Ankh Charm is made of sterling silver and symbolizes everlasting life. Measures 5/8"
Ankh Charm ankhcharm
Winged Isis
Winged Isis wingedisis1