All animals, from the wolf to the ant carry a message of guidance and hope. By inviting the spirit of an animal into your life using the traditional rituals of the shaman, you deepen your affinity with that animal, bringing a sense of connection with the world and an opportunity to learn from the wisdom of your animal guide. Chris Luttichau presents a unique insight into Animal Spirit Guides through first-hand encounters with many animals in the wild.

Animal Spirit Guides
Animal Spirit Guides
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Within Finding Your Power Animal you will find an explanation for the shamanic techniques through which you may discover your Animal Spirit Guide and Working with your Power Animal helps you to understand animals as teachers and healers and learn how to communicate with them and stay connected with their energy.

Circle of Allies reveals the different categories of power animal, along with traditional native teachings about your animal helpers. Ways of the Shaman expounds the esoteric methods of working with power animals, followed by the chapter on Dreaming and on Signs and Omens; which explains divine messages through animals. Animal Spirit Guides profiles a range of animals, along with personal anecdotes and insights. The final chapter, Power Animals and Your Life Purpose, looks at the sacred agreements between animals and humans.

This book will also help you: Discover your personal Animal Spirit Guide through simple and ancient rituals such as drumming and dream work. Learn how to connect with the energies of your personal Animal Spirit to fulfill your potential. Be introduced to natural, shamanic ways of living, and be inspired to work with the energies of your own Animal Spirit.

This is a 160 page hardcover book.