The angel who is frequently spoken of as serving as the messenger of God, Gabriel is often looked to for divine guidance.

Archangel Gabriel Oil
Archangel Gabriel Oil

Product Description

This sacred oil is intended to aid you in seeking guidance and to empower your prayers and rituals that are seeking help in showing you the way forward through whatever trials and obstacles that might be in your life.

This is a 1 dram bottle of all natural anointing oil, for external use only.


Archangel Gabriel Stick Incense
Each package contains approximately 12 handmade and all natural sticks of incense.
Archangel Gabriel Stick Incense Isagab
Archangel Gabriel Cones Incense
Specifically crafted to aid you in seeking this divine wisdom, this incense can be burned within your ritual crafts and spells to empower your spells of divination and invocation.
Archangel Gabriel Cones Incense ICAGB