Arabic Gum, or as it is also called, Acacia Senegal, Gum Anacia, Chaar gund, or char goond, has seen continuous use for centuries. A natural gum made from the hardened sap taken from two species of the acacia tree, it is often reduced or powdered or otherwise diluted for the many uses it provides. In medieval times it widely saw use in the production of religious texts, providing a key component to the vibrant colors found within illuminated manuscripts as well as, in some cases, a key mix in a blend that allowed gold to be applied by a thin brush in a manner nearly identical to ink. This made it a key component in many occult manuscripts, in helping to maintain the consistency of ink used to inscribe holy seals and words of power, and an such is often viewed as a powerful tool for purification.

Arabic Powder 1oz.
Arabic Powder 1oz.
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Today we find it commonly in small markets throughout the world, particularly in Africa, where it is sold to soothe sore throats and aid the treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders. It has also been said to aid in treating eye problems, combating hemorrhages, and even help in treating the common cold. Otherwise, we can find it as an ingredient in everything from the adhesive in envelopes and stamps to an ingredient in soda and chewing gum.