This Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven Herbal Spell Candle is burned to aid in your astral travels and to enhance your psychic abilities. Magical spell is included to help with your journey.

Astral Travel Herbal Spell Candle
Astral Travel Herbal Spell Candle
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Product Description

This Astral Travel herbal spell candle is hand made by Broceliande' with 100% soy wax, fresh herbs and essential oils. This herbal spell candle is Broceliande's own special blend and burns up to seventeen hours in a votive holder.


Psychic Spell Kit
Coming with Gypsy Heaven's famous hand-rolled bee's wax candle, Broceliande's hand-blended essential spell oil and incense powerder. This spell kit has everything you need including a spell.
Psychic Spell Kit psyspkit