Native to the Mediterranean region and southern Europe, the Chaste Tree is actually a large flowering shrub that has been utilized within medicine and spiritual practice since ancient times. With both the berries and the plant frequently used (the berries in particular), it was most commonly planted among the Greeks and Romans as a living ward against evil, that could help inspire chastity in those who dwelled near it. Monks of Europe also used it for similar reasons, using the dried berries crushed within their food to decrease their sex drive and perhaps make it easier to honor their vows of chastity.

Chastetree Berries  2oz.
Chastetree Berries 2oz.
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More modern usage has shown though that the berries can actually exhibit an effect on the pituitary gland of rats, which coincides with the practice of modern herbalists who use it to balance hormones. It is most commonly used now to aid with disorders of the female reproductive system, where it has been shown to reduce milk production and aid in correcting menstrual cycle abnormalities. It is also a popular herb among many herbalists for treating menopausal hot flashes.