Chickweed, or Stellaria Media L is well known among a great many herbalists as being a fantastic both for medicinal purposes as well as a nutritional supplement. Flowering form March until the following autumn, it is also quite famed for the fact that it sleeps the "Sleep of Plants." This is an old herbal term for the fact that the leaves shift every night, folding over to cover and protect tender buds and new shoots as though sheltering them in sleep. Chickweed is also often added to salads or added to cooking pots as a delightful spice, and is often compared to spinach in matters of taste and texture, as well as for the nutrients that it provides. Sometimes uncooked leaves are also served with dandelion leaves in salads.

Chickweed  1oz.
Chickweed 1oz.
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Nutritionally, Chickweed is mineral-rich, containing ascorbic acid, calcium, flavenoids, magnesium, potassium, zinc and numerous other beneficial minerals well known for aiding in achieving a general state of well being. Medically it has been used as an astringent and a diuretic, and is reputed to be quite useful as an expectorant and laxative. In the past, it was also used often for wound treatment. Some studies have also shown that it can be quite useful in treating post partum issues, functioning as a depurative, emmenagogue, and galactogogue.