Known to be cultivated both for culinary and medical purposes as far back as Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Greeks, Chicory Root granules (Cichorium intybus) remain popular throughout Europe and American today. This is in part due to the popularity of its caffeine-like effects despite being naturally decaffeinated, which results in it sometimes being used as a substitute to coffee. Indeed, when it is ground up and roasted it is sometimes impossible to distinguish from coffee grounds. Its popularity as such has perhaps not quite caught on though, due to its notably sour taste.

Chicory Root 1 oz.
Chicory Root 1 oz.
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Product Description

When brewed as a tea or tonic, Chicory Root is sometimes used to ease digestive disorders and is known to be of use in treating gallstone problems. It is also popular among farmers who will sometimes use it as a forage supplement. This is due to the fact that it in addition to its ability to ease digestive matters, it is also known to be toxic to internal parasites.