Known as Mayblossom, the Bread and Cheese Tree, Ladies Meat, Whitethorn, and it's formal Latin name of Crataegus Pinnatifida, Hawthorn was formerly regarded as sacred, with the belief that it was used to create the Crown of Thorns that was said to be placed upon Christ's brow. Some folk also believed that it still bears the unpleasant aromas of the Great Plague of London, with the plant actually possessing the same fragrance of decay. This aroma attributed to the plant is said to attract the carrion insects that nest in it, and aid in fertilizing the plant though whether this is true lends to some debate. Also quite popular in marking hedgerows that were used to demonstrate the boundaries of farmland, in the 19th century some researches began using the Hawthorn berries in the treatment of heart conditions.

Hawthorn Berry  2oz.
Hawthorn Berry 2oz.
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Today, this research as to the treatment of heart conditions has expanded a great deal. Hawthorn Berries are now often used to promote a healthy cardiovascular system, and are often used in the treatment of high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and cardiac arrhythmia. The berries have also been found to aid in strengthening the heart and blood vessels. There is also some evidence indicative that they are helpful in the treatment of blood clots and the restoration of the heart muscle wall, with other evidence showing it to be quite effective in lowering cholesterol. Use in Europe of these purposes has become widespread, with the berries frequently seeing use in treatment of the early stages of heart disease, for which it is endorsed and approved by the German Government.