Not actually true berries, Juniper Berries are actually fleshy, merged scales similar to pine needles that possess a berry-like appearance, coming from the Juniperus communis, or Common Juniper. Perhaps most commonly known for their culinary use, Juniper Berries have long been used in European and Scandinavian cuisine to flavor meat dishes, particularly wild birds and game meats. Within these regions, the Berries can also be found as a seasoning for pork, cabbage and sauerkraut. Juniper Berries are also widely known as the agent used to add flavor to Gin. Ancient Greeks used them for medicine, often using the Berries to increase their stamina before the Olympic Games. Romans also used them as a cheap, domestic substitute for black pepper and long pepper, both of which they had to import from India. In spiritual practices, Juniper berries can also be found in attracting good and healthy energies, particularly where you are seeking love and protection.

Juniper Berries 2oz.
Juniper Berries 2oz.
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As a note of interest to more modern herbal practices, the addition of Juniper Berries to gin was originally intended for medicinal purposes, with the intent to use it as an agent for delivering the medicinal properties of Juniper Berries. Modern herbalists still often see the Berries as being useful as a diuretic, helping to purge the system of toxins and aid the digestive tract, as well as an appetite stimulant. Others also hold that it is a useful remedy for rheumatism and arthritis.