This Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven Money Herbal Spell Candle will attract money, luck and prosperity. Bestseller! Magical spell included.

Money Herbal Spell Candle
Money Herbal Spell Candle
Item# Moneyspelvot

Product Description

This money herbal spell candle is handmade by Broceliande' with 100% soy wax, fresh herbs and essential oils. This herbal votive candle is Broceliande's own special blends and burn up to seventeen hours in a votive holder.


Money Cat Kit
Everything you need all in one package. Package includes Broceliande's hand-made oil and incense and her 100% soy wax kitty. Instructions included.
Money Cat Kit moneycatkit-1
Included is Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven's best selling hand-rolled bee's wax candle, Broceliande's hand-blended essential spell oil and her powered incense.
MONEY KIT moneykit