HOW TO BECOME A WITCH! Sunday, October 11th and Sunday, October 18, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 P.m.

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Learn how to practice Wicca and become your own Priestess or Priest. This class will teach you how to practice Wicca hands-on. This class is structured and has been taught by Broceliande' for over 15 years. This is a two week course and is $100 per person and you will be required to pay in full during the first class. We will accept all credit cards.

This class will be held at Gypsy Heaven. BRING NOTHING! YOU WILL BE PROVIDED WITH WHAT YOU NEED.
There are only fifteen spots for this class!

Please note that those living in Pennsylvania will be charged tax. This amount will be sent back to you if you pay by pay pal or credit card online. You will only be charged for the amount of the class.

Tammie is known as Broceliande' and she is a Fourth Degree High Priestess. She has been teaching Wicca for 18 years and has written her own book to eliminate all confusinon. You will learn how to practice Wicca without all the confusion. You will also be invited to open circles after this course.

This class will teach you how to become your own priest or priestess! You will learn how to cast a circle, invoke quarters, make sacred space and much more! You will know how to do ritual when you leave this class!


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