This Witch Shop Gypsy Heaven Psychic Herbal Spell Candle helps enhance your psychic abilities and brings clarity. Magical spell included.

Psychic Herbal Spell Candle
Psychic Herbal Spell Candle
Item# Psychispellvot

Product Description

Psychic Herbal Spell Candle
This psychic herbal spell candle is handmade by Broceliande' with 100% soy wax, fresh herbs and essential oils. Now comes in a large 3.5 oz. reusable glass candle holder. Burns well over 50 hours.


Psychic Spell Kit
Coming with Gypsy Heaven's famous hand-rolled bee's wax candle, Broceliande's hand-blended essential spell oil and incense powerder. This spell kit has everything you need including a spell.
Psychic Spell Kit psyspkit
Amethyst Crystal Spell Candle
This amethyst crystal spell candle is hand-made by Broceliande' with 100% soy and genuine amethyst crystals. This candle will burn in a votive holder up to seventeen hours. Magical spell is included!
Amethyst Crystal Spell Candle amethspellvot