Enhance your psychic abilities and use your psychic abilities for defence and protection with our best selling psychic spell kit.

Psychic Spell Kit
Psychic Spell Kit
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Product Description

Coming with Gypsy Heaven's famous hand-rolled bee's wax candle, Broceliande's hand-blended essential spell oil and incense powerder. This spell kit has everything you need including a spell.


Dream Spell Kit
Hand-made by Broceliande' this kit includes her hand-made oil and incense. Spell is included.
Dream Spell Kit dreamkit
Wisdom and Protection Kit
Bring wisdom and protection into your home with this adorable kit that includes all you need. This kit includes a mini sage stick, bee's wax candle and a broom. Instructions are included.
This plaque is of beautiful purple butterfly wings. Hand-Painted and designed to go on your wall or altar. 6" round. Comes with card of explanation.
Psyche psychepl