Common to household herb gardens, Sage (or Salvia officinalis) is often used as a kitchen spice for culinary purposes, but throughout the age has also seen use for its medicinal properties.

Sage, Dalmation  1oz.
Sage, Dalmation 1oz.
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Indeed, of old it was often highly regarded for these properties, with common sayings such as "Why should a man die whilst sage grows in his garden?" testifying to the beliefs held by every village herbalist and doctor of old. Some also held that it was of great aid in achieving prosperity for businesses, as well as having properties that would aid in mitigating the grief of both mind and body. Sometimes used as a tea for these purposes, the leaves were collected annually for this in many Mediterranean regions. Some cultures also burn sage, seeing the smoke as sacred and having the powers of protection, healing, and prosperity, with the potential to aid in achieving wisdom. It was also sometimes used in the sacred rituals of Native Americans, though they tended to prefer white sage.

Herbalists also sometimes apply Sage Leaf to medicinal purposes, using it in a wash for complications of the mouth, such as bleeding gums, or a gargle for sore throats. Sage leaf has also been used in the treatment of colds and fevers, healing wounds and easing joint pain, and even in aiding with digestion. Some have also suggested that Sage Leaf can be of use in treating depression