Commonly known in science as Potassium Nitrate, Salt Petre is a naturally occurring source of Nitrogen. Perhaps most famed for being a component in Black Powder, it was also used in the slow matches used to fire the early matchlock firearms, as well as the old myth that it can be used to cause impotence.

Salt Peter 1oz.
Salt Peter 1oz.
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Indeed, many rumors abound that Salt Petre can be used by the military upon soldiers to render them impotent (presumably to keep their mind on the fight), or by jealous wives with suspicions of unfaithful husbands. It is also well known within religious and spiritual communities, and has been seen as an aid in curses or in spells that are intended to keep men from staying. Within this some traditions, it has also been used in exorcism rituals, and purification rites.

Despite the old myth that salt petre can render impotence, newer studies have shown that there is some evidence that it can combat high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that salt petre possesses no chemical properties that induce impotence.