Sea water is used in many rituals and spells to bring protection and cleasing. Add a sea horse with magnetic sand to bring protection from evil into any space.

Sea Water
Sea Water
Item# seawater

Product Description

A scented water intended for your rituals and spells, sea water is used to help invoke the powers and properties of the sea for your magic.


Sea Horse
Carry it alone, or put it in a bottle with sea water and place in your home or office for protection. You will need to add a bit of silver or gold magnetic sand so your sea horse goes under the sea water. Magnetic sand is a vibrant antidote of pure protection and power.
Sea Horse rseah
Magnetic Sand
Magnetic Sand has been used for centuries in mojo bags as an additon to increase spell strength. This sand works as a magnet to bring your wishes. Also used in charms. 1/4 oz. jar.