Known also as Horsetail, Shavegrass (Equisetum Arvense) is a widely popular herb within traditional herbalism, appearing in ancient lore throughout Europe and China, and it is still distributed widely across the globe today.

Shavegrass (horsetail)   1oz.
Shavegrass (horsetail) 1oz.
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Folklore holds that it is particularly beneficial to the urinary track, aiding with digestive disorders and feminine problems. Within both traditional Chinese Medicine and European herblore was also considered of great use in treating bleeding wounds and ulcers of the digestive track and external body.

Modern herbalist and lore suggests that Shavegrass possesses astringent qualities, and can be used as a wash for the eyes or topical wounds. It is still also prescribed for female problems, urinary infection, kidney stones, and even bed wedding, and is considered useful in helping to close wounds or sores due to its tannin content. Interestingly, experts also suggest that its high silica content may also make it useful in preventing osteoporosis