Common tansy can be found in literature under a wide variety of names, including Bitter Butters, Cow Bitter, Golden Buttons, and even Mugwort, though Tansy, or Tanactum Vulgaris, should not be confused with Artimesia Vulgaris. Whatever it is called however, it was first used thousands of years ago by the Ancient Greeks, who regarded it as a medicinal herb. This continued for quite some time, with it being grown in the medicinal gardens of Charlemagne and being widely used throughout the middle ages. During this time it was used for contrary purposes, being used to help conceive, prevent miscarriages and yet induce abortion. It was also utilized for treating digestive problems, fevers, sores and even measles. In the future it was also associated with funerals and mourning, due to its use in warding off insects and worms in the funeral practices of New England. Today it is much used for the same reasons of those past, with many herbalists swearing by its ability to aid in treating fevers, sores, and digestive problems.

Tansy 1oz.
Tansy 1oz.
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It is also occasionally used in treating intestinal parasites. Some warning should be heeded though that some of those who use it do have reactions to it when it is used upon the skin however, and ingestion can result in harmful effects.

This is a 2 oz packet of cut Tansy, which has been gathered from the wild.