Sometimes referred to as All-Heal, Valerian Root, or Valeriana officinalis in Latin, is native to Europe and parts of Asia, and has been introduced to North American soils.

Valerian Root 1oz.
Valerian Root 1oz.
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Among the ancient Greeks and Romans, it was treated as a medicinal herb of great virtue, with much mention by the esteemed physicians Hippocrates and Galen, whose works have formed the foundation for much of modern medicine. Some lore also holds that it is quite useful in rites of purification and protection, particularly when seeking to ward against the magic of your enemies. Indeed, in Sweden it was tradition for Valerian Root to be placed in the clothing of the Groom, to ward off the evil attentions of envious Elves.

Among modern herbalists Valerian Root is a popular sleep aid and dietary supplement. It is often used in treating sleeping disorders, restlessness, and anxiety and even as a muscle relaxant. Though it often takes weeks to fully being working, immediate beneficial effects are sometimes observed. Some herbalists also use it in treating digestive issues, ranging from stomach pain to irritable bowel syndrome. Though it is most frequently used as a sedative, some studies have also shown that it can sometimes stimulate those who are fatigue, and possible night terrors among those who do not digest it well.